Branding your business is a Visionary process.

I promised this magazine would take you to new directions of thought and new ways of looking at your life. My secret to business balancing is blending the spiritual with the practical aspects of building a business brand – this has been a part of my seminar “Branding Business from the "Soul Heart”, or "Vibrational Marketing".

      In my system of Intentional Business practices, I have learned that nature has all of the answers.

We live by four cycles: we live, grow, deplete, and come back again. I know this because all of nature, which we are, is designed this way. So guidance taught me that business is like nature. It has the same cycles, no matter how much you fight it – it is absolute.

The key to attraction (Creating the business you love) is flow with it – recognize it  - and act on it intentionally, then share it with others. Think of your business as a living entity. After all it is you. Everything living goes through cycles of life. I named these energetic cycles as Birth: Visionary, Agreement: Manager, Growth: Worker, and Rebirth: Mentor.

They include Who You are, What you want, and choices for how to get it.

Visualize a funnel. Now go from Macrocosm (Your business) to Microcosm (Your idea) You represent each cycle. And your business is a visual of that growth. So we will be dealing with creating an idea.This way you complete all four natural cycles.

  1. The flow is Visionary.
  2. The recognition is the Manager phase.
  3. Acting on the intention is the Worker part of you and your business.
  4. The last phase is the Mentor. If you are not sharing your business ideas, services or abilities, you are not growing or completing the growth cycle.



B.L.I.S.S. - Creating beautiful living in sacred space for work

  1. Start to visualize your day while you are going through your morning cleaning routine.
  2. Working with water amplifies your attraction, like a car battery.
  3. Go to your closet - Close your eyes - Relaxing your body (Creates better focus).
  4. Ask, is the body ready to act on your thought? If it is ready you will gently fall forward.
  5. Run your palm over your clothing (eyes closed) and think of the result you want that day.

             What does it look like? The more detail, the stronger the attraction you create internally to match.

Do this 10 minutes in bed each day, and watch the results.
Keep a diary of your desire, detailed visualization, and how fast it shows up.
Once you see how nature really works, it is a snap.

The Visionary phase starts with Intentional thought

I found the first cycle of an idea starts in bed. You know that space of waking where you are still out of body, the brain is not actively dictating the tragedies of the day yet. I believe that to be a state of creation and setting the unblocked energy to attract each thought. This place is where I consciously dream of how I want something to look - A client showing up happy, a report being completed, a new customer magically appearing, even money flowing to my bank. Whatever it is there are no sanctions in energy. Sky is the limit.

You now set the energy

Choose the thought with the strongest visual, anchor the visual with an object, a word, a place that when you need to be focused and reminded throughout the day, it will connect.

                   This is the Visionary stage – design your business here

NOTE: To your brain and that energy you are creating, it is all real. It can’t be denied, and it is now in process of coming to you. Nature does not sanction or know good from bad. It just obeys your thoughts. Believe me it is on its way!!!

Branding Business-

By Kat Cunningham

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