DICTATED 4/6/2017
Securing the Heart for Final Transition


Written through Rev. Kat Cunningham
Circle 4 Oneness Ministry, Florence, OR
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We open to Oneness, 

We all in Spirit offer these papers as an adjunct to our videos and site information. We know to grasp these ideas we will choose to take them a small step at-a-time. We have asked Kat to put them in writing for the viewer to slowly connect; unlike the fast paced media you are becoming use to. Your intuitive heart will know what is needed to read and assimilate your way.

That is what the shift is about, finding only your way. Not being influenced by all the distractions that you and your brain have created. Because you are amazing creators, you have created a fantasy world that is so out of the norm of harmony that to return back to the heart of knowing seems impossible. This is the veil. This is the belief, from the brain’s side, that there is no return. Add this to layers of time-based realities, your creations, and peeling away the layers becomes quite an effort.

My human Kat has been saying to us that the brain is so powerful, and is the power position in our life now, that we need to find a system to blend the two together. We have only been able to understand that awareness through human channels. We do not function that way, so it is vital we have grown with all of you to experience and observe this new force in your lives. Our goal is just to help lift that veil of illusion. The brain’s take-over is so strong. It fights you at every thought of oneness. It intervenes in all aspects of your life keeping you in what was and fearing what could be because of this past story. Because of Source’s prime directive of free will, it has taken a long earth time to work with your lower vibration of change. This shifting of vibration is the S.H.I.F.T. as you call it. The original human, Adam Cadmen entity, was to be guided by the connection to Source, the ever-present, ALL THERE IS force field. The free will aspect was the gift of being a Creator. You were designed to create anything you wanted. It was seen as a joyful option. You were given a guiding light of knowingness with how to create in a harmonious way. This is what we will now call the “Heart of Knowing”. When you entered the earth plane dimension, the electrical field caused a heaviness reaction, and the high vibration of the “Heart of Knowing” slowly deflated.

 Know we are using words that you will understand. We have no words, only vibrational fields, waves of color energy. That is why we spend time to speak through a human’s body of experience.This does not make this human better than, only willing to help.

So we are calling your connection to your soul, also connected to Source directive, the “Heart of Knowing. There was a great separation in the grounding aspect; we will call the “Brain of Doing”. Part of you, took on a new role of grounding in a fear point – a lower vibratory field. This does not match Spirit. Harmony was lessened. The sense Source was depleted caused survival to become the power position. Some retreated and others created by overcoming those that questioned there connection to Source. Creation can be a very “heady” feeling. The battles were not of good and evil, they were of heart of Source vs. Brain of fear processing together. Lifetimes of battles were fought against each other for this power.

What makes this information so challenging is there is no real time. Time is a human made up directive/creation to control many to follow a particular position. The more they followed, and fell into fear of loss – their connection to Source’s field, the more the “Brain of Doing” took over and the 5 senses became the only way to design life. So, what you are reading now, your brain is measuring by time as you know it. Time is a large part of the veil. Take away time and what do you have…Nature in harmony. You are Nature, human nature. As nature you do not need time to know why you came, or what makes you happy. You’ve forgotten how to live by nature…who you really are. The brain has built a sense of duality because it can only design from what was, not what is in the moment. Its prime directive was to catalog what the intuitive force within you – the “Heart of Knowing” acted on. Those that wanted more power, because of their huge fear they projected to others – a powerful sense of loss with Source – built the human so the brain was all that was needed. Sadly, you moved out of natural flow and into a chaotic force field keeping you con-fused energetically. That is what you call confusion.

Source’s field is what you call LOVE we believe came from this. The closest we can come to this for humans is to say… “LINEAR OPTICAL VIBRATIONAL EFFECT”. THIS IS A UNIVERSAL MIRRORING FIELD. All that you create mirrors in Oneness.

You are so deeply entrenched in the fear field, that the brain defines everything to keep you off guard. Many have volunteered to come from another dimension to support this change to revert back to the heart – your soul’s connection to Source. We want the transition home to be a joyous one. We believe you are ready to accept this change. We see many souls wanting, longing for the way it was. The conscious self is awakening more each day. Our challenge has been you are designed in 4 phases of growth, as all of nature. When you hit one of the phases that gave you lack of clarity, you panicked and the brain took over to console you and keep you stuck in fear of what was... your past story. This became anger, hatred, miss-trust, disappointment, judgment, hurting others and many other words that just mean unbalanced. Lifetime after lifetime you learned to trust the “Heart of Knowing” a little more. Writers, musicians, leaders, prophets, artists, movie makers were impressed by Spirit to create giving a heart-based side to choice in hopes you would feel and choose the happier vibration.


This is the age of media and technology. Unfortunately, they have misused the gift and message of fear to sell more, profit and empower themselves in visualizing the duality filling all 5 senses.  They keep you entranced with story, and living a timed schedule. There is no time to go within and hear the messages of Source. All of what you need is already there inside. This is now going to be a strong choice to take back your individual power. The power brokers are fighting to get your attention and keep you lulled in this false illusion of “Good vs. Bad”- their duality. You are now even paying for free airwaves to project more fear your way.

NOTE: To Feel Good is to Feel God, your directive.

Maha Chohan

The Shift Papers 1
Demystifying Duality

We know this is a lot to take in. But, some part of you recognizes this as truth. Find that part and sit quietly with this to know.

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