That’s what our NEW sister website online magazine is about. It’s our NEXT CHAPTER.

How well will be do it this time? Will it be joyful? Do we have a new voice to express? Can we make a difference for others?

These are the new questions I and other ‘Wisdom Seekers” are asking today. I feel it is timely to address this NEXT CHAPTER with the passions we have stored up over the years.  It’s time to let out who we really are and what else we want in this life. It’s time to make conscious decisions that “Feel Good” to get the results we deserve.

I’m sure you, like me, have a drawer full of T Shirts that, as we have said, prove our experience. I know I do because
“Kat’s 9 Lives of Self-Discovery” my “Tell All” book, proves it as reality. We don’t need to repeat those choices again. We can find and experience ourselves a new way, with the passions that drive our sacred space.

When I did my research on our growing woman’s population, I found very little to inspire us or inform new lifestyles for our needs. A light bulb went off. This is my new direction. I hope to inspire others this way.  I wanted the magazine name to be “50 UP”. A disguised blessing was the name had been taken on the internet. As I prayed over my new direction and how to mentor it to inspiration, I heard what do you want? I answered with a beautiful life. I want it creative. I also knew it had to be
about the 4 spaces of balance we live in. Here it is. 


BLISS. Beautiful Living in Sacred Space. will now offer THIS LIFESTYLE SECTION to you with each entry. Join me as we create a new space for all those looking for their Next Chapter to play in.

This life is all about giving back…

What's your passion in your personal, home, work and world space?

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