NOTE: The objects that best tell the story are all you need. The excess is just more. The object is to make the brain happy, to not nag at you about the illusion of loss. It needs to sense a visual balance. If it feels balanced, it will allow you to relax each time you enter the room. As it runs through the 6 senses, it feels complete.    


Remember how much fun it is each time you open your stored Christmas boxes. You forgot what you had.  You feel smiles from your head to your toes as wonderful memories flood in. That is because you put away those memories intact and were willing to relive them at a specific point in time. That will be the same experience with your new story boxes.  

At our age, change is a natural occurrence. How we accept it in our lives is what shows our growth.  Many are facing a lost partner, children grown, a change in work status, a new financial shift of less money or a need to feel closer to what exists in our family circle. If you are lucky, retirement means that long -awaited move to the ideal spot on the map. If you went from 2 to 1 and find girl friends as your new living mates sharing a home, you are facing what is now happily called downsizing.

Using my system called 
Six-Sense Styling


Sensory Designing:

A Six-Sense Style

Home Design System

Created By
Kat Cunningham

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