Those of us who are pet parents know only too well the balancing act we sometimes go through juggling our time when it comes to our family’s needs, job schedules, housework, etc. and then our dog, cat or other pet “must dos”. Somehow Fido, Kitty or Tweetie get shoved to the rear of the line until they make it very clear to us that they need to be fed, go potty, cleaned up after or taken for a walk. I know that I have chastised myself for thinking, “Why did I take on this extra responsibility?  I have enough to do.”  But then I remember that it took me over 30 years to accept the responsibility of being a pet parent again.  My beloved Akita, Barney Bear, was a godsend to myself and my family when we were going through a myriad of unsettling times. To this day, I can feel him standing next to me and if I “stroke” the air at my side, I can “feel” the ruff of fur around his neck.

Opportunity presented itself

I have the good fortune to have a sister who, if she could, would emblazon the mantra, “The Universe will provide” on my forehead; the important thing is to be careful how you ask for what you want. Be specific! I cannot emphasize that too strongly! I am constantly amazed every time I tell her, “It happened again!” After she chuckles, again, I realize that I must accept or decline the Universe’s “invitation”.  One extraordinary opportunity presented itself about 4 years ago. For many years, it never seemed the right time to bring another pet into my life.  I would mentally check off the long list of reasons for not doing this. But I had placed my name on the “hoping to adopt” list at several humane societies within 100 miles of our coastal community, and regularly checked out their web sites for possible candidates.  I narrowed down my search by stating – not only to myself, but obviously the Universe, too – it needed to be a small dog, not too old or infirmed, fairly socialized and companionable, you get the idea. The perfect dog to fit into my life – what a concept.

Universe was “setting me up”

Well, one very rainy early morning I received a call from one of the volunteers at the local humane society asking me if I was still interested in adopting a dog.  It seems that there had been a message left at the shelter that there were 2 or more dogs that needed rescuing.  Since the rescue location was very near our home, would I please go by, take a look, and let them know the situation. They were very short on room, so possibly I could foster one or more for a short period of time.  I should have realized right then and there that the Universe was “setting me up”. We took off quickly and when we arrived, suffice it to say, conditions were not the best and the 2 dogs we found were definitely in need of a good home. The larger one was still outside in the rain and covered in mud, but the second one was wrapped in a towel, obviously after a half-hearted attempt to remove as much mud as possible.  We made it clear why we were there and were told that if we wanted either of the dogs, or both, we needed to take them right away.  I contacted the shelter and told the people there that they would be out soon to take the larger dog; but as I picked up the smaller one in the damp towel, and he began to lick my neck and try to crawl into my coat, I “lost it”. Just at that time, another car came upon the scene and evidently the occupants had hear about the dogs and wanted to take one. Well, I couldn’t get back to my car fast enough, all the while telling them that the other dog was not spoken for and to check with the shelter, but this one now had a good home. I knew that I didn’t want this little guy to go through the system.

The new “star” in our universe

As they say, I literally “pealed rubber” while we wrapped our new found treasure in a warm blanket.  I kept looking in the rear view mirror, thinking we would be followed – I actually took a long route back home just in case.  It was like welcoming a new baby into the family; the only drawback was that we were unprepared for this turn of events. I made a quick stop at the nearest pet store and as I exited the car, our new “baby” became highly agitated and emitted the most pitiful bark/squeal I had ever heard.  Talk about separation anxiety! How could this have happened so quickly? It took many vet and grooming appointments to bring him to good health and well-being, but it was all so worth it. Tucker, a one-year old Maltese, became the new “star” in our universe. One day at breakfast, my husband looks out our kitchen picture window and says, “I think Tucker needs a safe place to play and a fenced in area for him to lift a leg.”  Well, I had been hinting in a none-too-subtle fashion for months about getting it enclosed before the next torrential rainy season, but it took a 7lb. fluffy white dog with pleading eyes to get his attention.  Any port in a storm!

When we lived in the country, there was plenty of room to take a walk, or play outside. Now with condo living, it is a whole new ballgame.  No dog needs to take a walk 6 or more times a day.  I truly believe it is the elevator ride he looks forward to.

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A Little Ball of Fluff

By Maryann Galer

You can't think of home space and not include our pets. Because there is Oneness, our energy and there energy become one.

Two friends learn to live together in holiday Oneness.

Kenji - Office lunch break. A good time to  dream of Thailand's fish.

Tucker- I think the heard the car door..umm dinner.

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