One Practical Decision at a time

The Master of Nature MC, dictates guidance through

Reverend Kat Cunningham

Life is about making decisions. When you can feel good about your decision process, life will be in flow toward Oneness. Having an easy, practical system to make those decisions is the next wave of knowledge needed.

Kat and MC’s talks are about achieving BLISS by blending Spirituality and Practicality. Spiritually, MC will reintroduce you to the 4 phase system of natural balance you were designed with. He will teach the next 3 Laws to support the Law of Attraction.  Practically, MC demonstrates how these laws of energy and vibration form a custom decision making process for you to achieve daily, focused, intentional heart-centered growth. MC says,” we are here to mentor Oneness, the time is now.”

Kat Cunningham

Kat has been a blended being for the Ascended Master Maha Chohan, the Master of Nature and the Nature One Council, for over 20 years. Known to her as MC, Kat and MC have taught his message of Oneness worldwide. His daily insights and often entertaining demeanor brings a different awareness to all levels of spiritual growth. His willingness to answer all questions makes a memorable moment for all who attend. Witness and talk to this loving guidance on the 2nd and 4th Thurs. of each month at the center's "Open Door to Shift" Service..  


Open Door to Shift Service 

Every 2nd and 4th Thurs. each month

Check for latest calender


Preparing for the S.H.I.F.T.

Securing the Heart In Final Transition

5:30 - 6:30 Kat & MC talk Q&A, 7:00 Social  The new message is "Go Direct", through your guidance. Use the 4 Universal Laws to get there. The shift is all about gaining insight and applying Oneness balancing principles. The Nature One Council represents all living consciousness.  Truly not an evenings to miss. Everyone welcome, all questions answered. A donation is welcomed.


​​Kat's BLISS Journal is shooting
around Florence town this summer

OUR NEWEST GUIDANCE IS TO SPREAD THE MESSAGE OF ONENESS CREATIVELY AND GLOBALLY...OUR Kat's BLISS Journal (Beautiful living in Sacred Space) will be a subscription program supporting BLISS INSIDER'S with their compass growth.  


Coming Up; Rhody Weekend FRAA  

Show. FRIDAY May 19, SATURDAY May 20 10 -4PM

Kat's new line of Sim.bol.ogie wearable art textiles & accessories.

will be at the show.

Sym.bol.ogie Store Online 

Proceeds go to supporting women's Life Skill Programs.


Ongoing, Call Center 541-999-1782

April 2017- July 2017

Schedule of Oregon Events:

Kat speaks and teaches how to use her decision making system based on nature.


Your Animal Decision Deck is waiting at the holiday art show - treat a friend.

Circle 4 Oneness to discuss spiritual, energetic shift

    There has been a lot of talk about a spiritual, energetic shift. What is it, why and what part each individual plays in the shift will be discussed by the Rev. Kat Cunningham at Circle 4 Oneness.

    "How can we achieve the shift and secure the heart for final transition?" asks Cunningham. "what does it have to do with living with others in Oneness? I'll offer some guidance on this concept".

    Atendees may bring their questions and concerns for this Open Door service. 3960 Munsel Creek Drive center.This is a non-denominational event and everyone is welcome.