Turquoise, Coral, Amethyst, Sodalite, Pearl, Adventurine, Garnet, Bone, Citrine, Amber, Agate, Flourite, Moonstone, Cinnebar, Crystals

all have their own energy they pass on to the wearer of jewelry.

They can be programmed to act as a placeholder for your thoughts.


"Build a Bracelet, Brighten a Life" is our on on-going fund raiser to create Pay-it-forward funding. It offers to women the centers "Compass for Oneness - Decision making program for Life Skills. 


​Join us at the center to have your girl's party, any occasion.

Seating is limited. A $25 donation is required to Pay-it-Forward.

Start your year with bling and intent.

Contact center to schedule 


What’s more desirable for women than jewelry…more jewelry?  What makes it even better is having the fun of making it. Rev. Kat Cunningham, of Circle 4 Oneness Center, is also a known jewelry designer in Florence. We have combined a fun jewelry-making party with raising funds to support women’s life skill needs.

 “Build a Bracelet, Brighten a Life” Program brings pay-it-forward funds to offer the “Compass for Oneness” decision-making training to the under served women population.  

  • The party starts with turning your individual, heart-based passions into the symbology of color.
  • Discover what semi-precious minerals help to de-stress, support and keep us focused with our daily intention.
  • Find out when silver vs. gold metal should be worn and how an intention activates the stones.

Intentional jewelry is a quick reminder to stay connected to our daily choices. 

Center Program

DID YOU KNOW STONES ARE ALIVE, and they can talk to you energetically? These ladies

found it out at the last parties.